Thursday, May 10, 2012

Salesforce sales Government for Social CRM

Salesforcehopes to cozy up with the government with its latest solution Relevant Products and Services: Government Cloud. The customer Relevant Products and Services relations management cloud Relevant Products and Services computing company rolled out its latest product to help government hasten its move to the so called social era.
As its name suggests, Government Cloud is designed for the unique needs of government agencies. The customized Software as a Service product will offer dedicated, multi-tenant instances of Salesforce's cloud infrastructure. That approach paves the way for U.S. federal, state, and local agencies to deploy the latest social and mobile Relevant Products and Services technologies in compliance with Federal Information Security Management Act requirements.
"The bureaucracy of legacy government IT Relevant Products and Services is preventing agencies from embracing innovative technologies that deliver immediate value," said Vivek Kundra, executive vice president of emerging markets at Salesforce. "We must end the era where government spends millions of dollars and waits years for IT projects that never work."